the best blues guitarists

 1. PETER GREEN onetime blues guitarist with fleetwood mac
 3. HUBERT SUMLIN blues guitarist extraordinaire with the legendary howlin' wolf
 4. FREDDIE KING are freddie, albert & bb related, does anyone know?
 5. ROBERT JOHNSON many will argue johnson should be the best blues guitarists number one
 7. B B KING blues guitarist famous for his "bee sting vibrato" - does anyone know if bb, freddie & albert are related, by the way?
9. ALBERT KING - maybe king is just a common blues guitarist last name...
10. MISSISSIPPI FRED McDOWELL blues guitarist said to have "invented" bottleneck playing - in interviews, mississippi fred says he'd get bored one day, and used a chicken bone on his guitar
11. MAGIC SAM no best blues guitarists list is complete without a nod to magic sam
12. ELMORE JAMES "dust my broom" -- play it, elmore!
13. BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON best blues guitarist number 14
14. MIKE BLOOMFIELD killer best blues guitarist who made classic blues recordings with al kooper on keys

best all-time blues guitar players

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best blues guitarists