and shorten them
the best homepage
homebase for the best
url shortening, stats tracking, preview function (add a dash "-" to the end of url)
realtime hit counter, bookmarklets, customizable url name
AND- they're now a url shortener with an open API
owly url shortener url shortener - developer api available soon
previewable url shortening, toolbar button url shortener
preview url by adding a dash at the end of url: "-" notepad2, for when text editor notepad1 just won't do
shuurl url shortener
url shortening, with automatic preview (no need to add a hyphen)
lists the most popular & latest urls shortened

odd url shorteners
shortening big urls, oddly url shortener
not quite as elegant as the rest, but DOES has a preview function (by adding "/p" to url's end) url shortener
no url shortening preview or other features, got a VERY cool interface url shortener
allows for customizeable url, no preview url shortening
stats, referers, most popular shortened url stats
u.unu url shortener- reportedly with an API feature i have yet to try out
recent urls shortened, most popular, bookmarklet

the blackdot
not weird, but not exactly normal either
best nerd tools
best nerd tools
best rock guitarists
best rock guitarists
add my website
shorten the url, then add your site
best url shorteners
best url shorteners
best blogs
the best blogs
not weird blogs - well, SOME of 'em are weird

best url shorteners