best nerd resources

regex tester
best nerd stuff
test your regex, do it now.

links, converters, validators, all things nerd

nerd color converter
webpage colors and their corresponding code
nerd resource, valuable
favicon generator
to make itty bitty webpage graphics
(any tool that saves images in the .ico format will work too)
best, bad & weird
best, bad & weird- that's us notepad2, for when text editor notepad1 just won't do
weird blog names
weird blog names
weird websites indeed
for the nerds who think photoshop's too easy
base 64 decorder
nerd joy, decoding base 64
javascript tutorial
used to be, everything was a FAQ. now, everything's a Tutorial
webmasterworld news cnet nerd news
for those who don't get all their nerd news from DIGG

the blackdot
not weird, but not exactly normal either
bad weird websites
bad weird websites weird, bad and off-the-wall.
the wrong diagnosis
nothing to do with the best in nerd-dom
medical mishaps, HMO disasters, horrible & hypnotic at the same time

massive software
massive makes software they use to cg crowds in films & tv great nerd experience, visiting there
you're such a nerd
no you're not
that's a link to our homepage
best blogs
the best blogs
not weird blogs - well, SOME of 'em are weird


best nerd stuff