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i've had really good luck with dot domains - the domains are the lowest cost i can find too (& free privacy with 5 domains or more)
these other names come up whenever this subject's discussed by nerds - namecheap, 1&1, netfirms - and also dyna dot & dyndns . (i'm purposely omitting the Problem domain sellers) is loved by many as the best cheap domains hoster- but, you'll need to be a relcalcitrant basement-dwelling proto-nerd to help to set up the pages. (i'll do a best hosters list at a later date. today's assignment is best domain sellers)

feel free to email me at Bestie AT thetenbest DOT net with your thoughts- if i get enough people recommending other domain sellers, or condemning these, i'll re-fashion my list.

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best domain sellers
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