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iexplorer 7
iexplorer 7
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best browsers mozilla firefox BEST SECURITY, elegant features, BEST CUSTOMIZATION (through addons) best browser, the reasons free, incredibly easy to download & set up elegant page tabbing (you hold down control when hitting a link, to open a new tabbed page), best browsers: firefox easily imports i explorer bookmarks, best browsers, more reasons firefox browser is easy to use, easy to update, few bugs FIREFOX PLUGINS - helps you block ads, javascript, edit cookies, or to do whatever your heart desires
firefox has TONS of spectacular addons - plugins. you can CUSTOMIZE FF, more than other browers
NOTE: SOME OF THESE PLUGINS CAUSE BROWSER INSTABILITY. Check your FF Addons, when trying to troubleshoot firefox problems
EXCELLENT help files, including info for i explorer users best browsers MOST firefox dropdown menu controls & settings are more intuitive to locate & set, than in i explorer firefox addons i couldn't live without- AdBlock plus - extraordinary, if you know how to use it. (and simply GREAT, if you don't) Flashblock - which blocks all flash animations. Cookie Editor best browsers quirks MAJOR IRRITATION. the Dread FireFox POSTDATA alert - "To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action-"
ff mozilla refuses to allow users to suppress this alert, and i spend at least 30-plus minutes out of my day, encountering repeated firefox POSTDATA alert warnings and clicking OKAY (or Allow)
i explorer doesn't do this. safari doesn't do this. opera and netscape don't do this. google chrome doesn't do this.
there's a rumored fix that requires heavy hacking. NOT an elegant answer to a bug MANY users have complained about
pages designed for i explorer - may look terrible in firefox, increased firefox popularity is making it more attractive to hackers, difficult to view source code, unlike in i explorer and opera. text appears "frozen", and requires horizontal scrolling i explorer users need to learn a new vocabulary i explorer = temporary internet files, firefox = cache i explorer = favorites, firefox = bookmarks i explorer = address bar, firefox = location bar i explorer = refresh, in firefox = reload i explorer = save target as , firefox = save link as
best browser opera elegant, fast, lean best browsers, because it's NOT i explorer best browsers reasons many popups that require settings adjustments to block in i explorer and firefox, SIMPLY DO NOT SHOW IN OPERA opera is FREE easy-to-use panels, tile & cascade features the About Opera menu choice shows the user all data paths for each portion of opera opera browsers wand similar to other browser's Remember Password, but easier to use browsers quirks NO AUTOCOMPLETE - highly irritating opera will suggest url addresses based earlier browsing, BUT all search engine queries must be re-input over and over. HASSLE. in order to get MULTIPLE WINDOWS in OPERA BROWSER, you must UNCHECK "OPEN PAGES IN TABS" (TOOLS - PREFERANCES - GENERAL). "tabs" means something strange in the opera browser; as far as i can tell, THE OPERA BROWSERS DON'T HAVE TABS... (the opera browsers seeming FAST is a bit of an illusion- they cache more fiercely than other browsers. i know that because, when i'm editing webpages, all my other browsers need is a EMPTY CACHE and PAGE RELOAD. opera needs more finessing.)
best browsers safari browsers for the pc i've only just started using mine love the glossy look and speed HATE the way apple keeps trying to force me to accidentally download i-tunes and quick-time a minor but irritating complaint, about the way saf auto-completes URLs. it's insistent that it's guessed correctly, and requires extra mouse-work to delete the added URL portion ALSO - the user has very little customization control over safari
google chrome
best browsers i have no idea reportedly a nifty browser less vulnerable to security risks, due to "sandboxing" BUT privacy issues
(why do users get assigned a unique id for a simple search? i understand goo's interest in collecting enourmous amounts of data on everything and everyone- i'm just not sure i trust them)

best browsers - not!

i explorer
NOT the best browser because 1)it's enormous popularity attracts black hats, who can do the Most Damage exploiting it's vulnerabilities, and 2) because it HAS so many vulnerabilities -which ms is slow to fix

best browsers? - NOPE

the browsers avant and maxthon are both SHELLS or FRONTENDS for i explorer - they are most likely prone to the same security issues and problems.

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they're not just bad, they're the BEST of bad
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best browser - firefox = mozilla's firefox link
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