weird band names

here we go-

Abstract Evil Barbie
Adios Pantalones
The Advil Monkeys
Angry Samoans
Are These My Pants?
Army of Prawns
Arthur Loves Plastic

The Bad Livers
Bad Mutha Goose
The Band Formerly Known As Sausage
Beerbellied Scum From Central Bucks County
Betty's Not a Vitamin
Biblical Proof of UFOs
Big In Iowa
Big White Undies
Blow Monkeys
Bordering On Retarded
Brad Pitt Live and Nude

Cindy Brady's Lisp
Circle Jerks
Congratulations on Your Decision to Become A Pilot
The Creation of the Universe Was a Beautiful Thing

Damn You Peter Pan
The Dancing French Liberals of 1848
The Dead Bodyguards of Abraham Lincoln
Don't Call Me Francis
Don't Hit Your Sister
Drew Barrymore's Dealer

Edith Head
Eight Inches of Throbbing Pink Jesus
El Groupo Sexo
Evil Nurse Sheila
Exploding White Mice

The Fat Chick from Wilson Phillips
Flaming Box of Ants
4 Out of 5 Doctors
Frank Snotra
Frantic Dogpaddle
Free Beer
Free Beer and Chicken
Free Range Chicken
The French are from Hell
Fresh Water For the Horses and A Round of Buttermilk For the Men
Fromage d'Amour
Fuck Taco Bell
Full Metal Chicken

Gee That's A Large Beetle I Wonder If It's Poisonous
Go! Bimbo Go!
God Hates Computers
The Gaza Strippers
Gefilte Joe and the Fish
God's Girlfriend
God, the Movie
Grandpa's Become a Fungus

Half Man, Half Biscuit
Hello I'm A Truck
Here Are the Facts You Requested
Here, Eat This!
He's Dead Jim
Hey Look Lettuce!
Hornets Attack Victor Mature
The Hugh Beaumont Experience

Ice Cream Headache
Icky Boyfriends
If Pigs Could Talk Would You Still Eat Them

James, What Are We Gonna Call Our Band?
Jiggle the Handle
Judy's Tiny Head

The Kids Who Never Learned To Color Inside the Lines
Kid With Man Head
Kill Me
Kill the Man Who Questions
Kissing the Pink

Lady Chatterley's Hamster
Lee Harvey Keitel
Lee Press-On and the Nails
Lick, the Dog

Make Lisa Rich
Mary Tyler Morphine
Meat Puppets
Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees
Men Among Poodles
Mindless Self Indulgence
My Dog Has Hitler's Brain
My Friend Kevin

Ned's Atomic Dustbin
The Nine Inch Richards
Norman Bates and the Shower Heads
Not Drowning, Waving
Not Now I'm Naked

Once I Killed a Gopher With a Stick
Orange Juice After Toothpaste
122 Stab Wounds

Paul Will Eat Himself
People With Chairs Up Their Noses
The Process of Bleeding Out
The Price of Dope
Position 69
Poultry in Motion
Pussy Tourette

Rage Against the Coffee Machine
Rainbow Butt Monkeys
Rash of Stabbings
Real Fucking Idiots
Rats of Unusual Size
Results of Inbreeding
Retarted Elf
Rhymes with Orange

Question Mark & the Mysterians

Say You Hate Me
Scoring Dope for the Ultimate Woman
Sheep On Drugs
Seven Year Bitch
Shirley Temple of Doom
Shirley Temple Pilots
Seven Minutes of Screaming
Shoot the Mime
Sorry About Your Daughter
Stuff Stephanie In the Incinerator
The Shower Scene from Psycho
Swearing at Motorists

Tastes Like Chicken
Texas Is the Reason
Thank God We're Immortal
The The
The Tortillas You Wanted
They Tried To Frame OJ
This Is Serious, Mum
Three Teens Kill Four
Throbbing Gristle
Titty Bingo
Touch Me Again and I'll Break Your Arms
Throw That Beef In the Garbagecan
The Total Population of China
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy

Ugly Head
Uncle Bob Touched Me
John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America

Vampire State Building
The Vast Void of Empty Nothingness
The Velcro Pygmies
Venus and the Razor Blades
Vic Morrow's Head
Vic Tayback and the Violent Payback
The Veronica Cartwrights
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

Was I Naked
When People Were Shorter and Lived By the Water
White Cotton Panties
Who Carries the Organ?
Willie Nelson Mandela

The Yams from Outer Space
You Would If You Love Me

Zoogz Rift and His Amazing Shitheads
Zombies Under Stress

weird band names - best of weird

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best singers
weird band names
weird band names some would say the WEIRDEST band names
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best day spas
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the best vacation spots
weird band names
weird band names (my favorite is: when people were shorter and lived by water... that's WEIRD)

weird band names